Other FAQs

Where can I buy Pup & Co. products?

Pup & Co. products can only be bought here in our online store. In the near future, we may potentially do pop-up stores or sell at local markets (hopefully we can do something like this soon!)

Similar products with similar designs are not official Pup & Co. products and we cannot attest to their quality.

I am a social media influencer and want to collab with you

Thanks for your interest! We've worked with many social media influencers in the past and would love to work with more. Send us an e-mail telling us about yourself to collab@pupandcoclothing.com and we will reply to you ASAP.

There is a small hole in my hoodie front pouch. What's up with that?

Don''t worry, this is intentional! This was a design choice to allow earphone cords to fit through the hoodie so you can listen to some sweet tunes while wearing your brand new Pup & Co. hoodie.

Are the designs printed or embroidered?

Currently, all t-shirt designs are printed, while all our other apparel designs are embroidered. We have found that our fans prefer the clothes this way. If there is enough demand, we may introduce embroidered t-shirts later on.

Will you be introducing more designs in the future?

We may expand into more breeds soon. Sign up to our mailing list in the footer below or follow our social media accounts to be notified first when new collections are released.

What are the official Pup & Co. social media accounts?

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